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Welcome to the VIP Area of Melanie Hani Designs

You have reached this page because you have requested a specific, one off, beautifully custom made art piece by Melanie Hani that will speak to the world. Each item is carefully considered and treated as an exclusive and invaluable work of art that you will enjoy.  

Art is a form of expression that can represent our feelings, beliefs, and thoughts whether that be conscious or unconscious. It forms a visual reference as to how we see and feel the world around us as well as our internal being. It is an intimate expression of these concepts that transcend from one soul to another. By living and wearing your item you will be able to express this to others and stand out from the crowd. Do not be shocked to know that people will look as they would at any Van Gogh or Da Vinci in a gallery. You are wearing and living a piece of personal art work specifically made for you with a beautiful story to tell.

Thank you for picking Melanie Hani Designs to take on this intimate and important work and allowing us to enter into your life to learn about you so that we can ensure this will be a custom designed item that you will treasure forever.

Prior to reaching this page, you will have had one to one conversations exploring possibilities and be shown mock ups/ideas of the final outcome. Please ensure that you are happy with what is proposed before paying for your item.

To commence the process we would be grateful if you could pay the required amount with clear instructions by clicking the 'pay here 'button above.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch at any time and we will respond within one working day. Please note that as soon as you have placed the order, the work cannot be cancelled as it will be custom made. Thank you again for allowing us to create the next work for the gallery of the world.


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