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Melanie is a content creator for Amazon; a role selected by Amazon on experience, qualifications and design experience. For current items on sale please click the following links.

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The Ragnor Collection

Comes in a variety of sizes and colour. Inspired by the historical story of Ragnor Lothbrok; a Viking from the 9th Century who has transcended into legend in medieval European literature. Lothbrok was known as a King who invaded France and Great Britain. However there is controversy as to whether he is just a myth. Invasion is a common theme in the 21st Century whether that be through emotions, physical being, educationally, politically or socially. The hardships of such experience can be intolerable and yet can result in liberation, re-order from chaos. Melanie believes that people should wear and live art therefore each one is valued as a piece of art work that could be hung in a gallery.
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The Book Lover's Collection

Comes in a variety of sizes and colour. To read, opens up endless possibilities of personal experience. It can transcend a person into the realms of the prehistoric ages, or send them into the future.It can evoke emotions through words; making us feel sad, happy or reflective. It provides an opportunity to expand our knowledge in many areas. This item is for the person who loves reading and is proud to tell other.The blocks represent the construct of story and in fact the construct and breaking of life's story through word.
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The Dewey Collection

Comes in a variety of sizes and colour. The Dewey Collection is based on a children's book involving, magic, adventure and of course reading
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