Services, Workshops and Bookings

Workshops (Education, Art, Design, Wellbeing, Corporate)

Melanie runs group and individual creative workshops for health, wellbeing, education and for corporate organisations . As an award winning educator and therapist, she is available to work with a variety of groups and has researched into the use of creative techniques as therapy. She employs strategies developed from over 20 years of work in this area, to tackle a variety of physical, social, emotional, educational and cognitive issues. This has resulted in the creation and publication of the first animation therapeutic model; The Good Hearts Model (GHM). If you would like to attend any of the workshops then please get in touch.

Available for Presentations, Exhibitions and Keynote Speeches

Melanie has presented and exhibited work internationally as a panel member, individually and as a keynote speaker.

Phd Supervision

Melanie achieved her own Phd in 2019 and understands the enjoyment and pressures that can arise therefore Melanie has a person centred approach ensuring emotional support throughout the process as well as academic support.

Melanie enjoys working with colleagues and students who are interested in creative strategies to learn and empower people in marginalised groups or vulnerable situations. Melanie provides a wellbeing environment for all her students to succeed allowing them to make a valuable contribution to the industry they are involved in.

Consultancy and External Examining

With over thirty years of experience within the art and design arena, Melanie is happy to offer support across academia, business and organisations. Melanie is a peer mentor for Arts works and has been an external examiner for over ten years. Melanie enjoys seeing others succeed.