Services (Available for presentations, consultancy, Phd supervision, external examining, research opportunities)
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I have presented and exhibited work internationally as a panel member, individually and as a keynote speaker. I am eager to disseminate my currentl research internationally.

Phd Supervision

I achieved my own Phd in 2019 and I understand the enjoyment and pressures that can arise therefore I have a person centred approach ensuring emotional support throughout the process as well as academic support.

I enjoy working with colleagues and students who are interested in creative strategies to learn and empower people in marginalised groups or vulnerable situations. I provide a wellbeing environment for all my students in order for them to succeed and allowing them to make a valuable contribution to their industry.

Consultancy and External Examining

With over thirty years of experience within the academia, I am happy to offer support across universities, business and organisations. I have been a peer mentor for ArtsWorks and employed as an external examiner for over ten years (Ulster University, University of Essex).

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Research, Publication or Exhibition Opportunities

Please contact me for any research, publication or exhibition opportunities. I have previously collaborated with such partners as University of Sunderland, Bernardos, NSPCC, Leicestershire Police etc